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Scania 4 series addon for RJL Scanias v2.2.3
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Scania 4 series addon for RJL Scanias v2.2.3

This is an addon mod for RJL Scania T and Scania R.
For a several technical reasons, it does not add any new parts for those trucks. Instead, it adds new standalone 4-series truck which can be customized in the same way and as much as those two already existing truck mods.
So if you want to have 4-series, the first thing to do is visit at Scania truck dealer and buy the truck from there.

Known issues:
-Some parts might produce a visible collision with each other. You need to choose their correct combination yourself.
-There might be errors beginning with " [baked_model] Pieces using same material and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout" in the game log. They are not dangerous, the mod still works fine with them. You can either ignore them or type g_baked_vehicle 0 in the game console to make them disappear.

Changelog V2.2.2 to V2.2.3:
-Updated the mod for 1.31 patch (sorry for late update, modders also have a life)
-Added 6x2 with single tyres in the rearmost axle (non-steerable version of 6x2*4)
-Older engines now consume generally more fuel than new ones (based on the Euro rating)
-Equipment towers can now be installed on any chassis
-Adjusted the height of equipment towers to avoid clipping with rear fenders
-Moved air hoses and equipment towers to under new "trlr_cables" locator for technical reasons, you have to re-purchase them in the upgrade shop


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    ATTENTION !!!This is NOT the original Download from RJL !!!Find all the Original-Downloads from RJL in the SCS-Forum !!!On this Site are only Thiefs and Peaoples to make Money with illegal Uploads !!!American Gangsters !Scania R+S: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=177963Scania 4 (R+S and T) https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=218459&hilit=RJL+Scania+T
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