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Scania R1000 Reworked v5.0 MadYogi Edit
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Scania R1000 Reworked v5.0 MadYogi Edit

This tool is well known to many of my friends and my favorite vehicles are in this new version, the latest version with the addition of some small accessories with added full dlc support already know people who know but do not use friends I would recommend you a very good quality tool modular pictures are their own game and everyone is good Games my language.

Note: The interior of the vehicle is standard and not included in the interior of the pictures.

Ts2mod, Daniel Rg, Dragjt, Christian Seuba, David B.L, Rombec1977, Indomable, Solaris36 V-1.27.x ; Adaptation & Edit: MadYogi (HalilY.)

  • Madyogi
    2017-07-19 17:49
    please do not reupload, here is my original linkhttp://sharemods.com/vtt5jatnzer9/Scania_R1000_v5.0_MadYogi.scs.htmlwhy do you do this???????
  • Madyogi
    2017-07-19 17:50
  • Madyogi
    2017-07-19 17:51
    the next time when you steal my mod please post it with my Turk description
  • Matrix50
    2017-07-20 21:35
    FACKE mod.
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