Farming simulator 2019 mods
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After working on the Remoled mod and being asked to add various bits and bobs to it I realised that it would be a lot easier to keep Remoled clean and to produce a second mod that would complement it using the parts very often from defunct and broken old mods that still worked but required more work to make them fit neatly into remoleds file systtem . So what you have is the bits that still work from packs that dont require tinkering with . This should help reduce people having problems because they haave to have the outdated broken mods loaded just because it has this one cool light they always use etc .
As such these parts all work on RJL Scania T & R cabs without conflict with Remoled. They may also work elsewhere if they do bonus . I will not be updating the actual parts in any way . If you have parts from packs for RJL Scania trucksand want it included let me know. Parts provided AS IS . If they dont work for you or theres a glitch its permanently glitched unless someone else fancies fixing it .
To be included the pack parts must not be maintained by the author AND not require specific model slots adding to the base RJL Mods . And most importantly they have to work . I dont mind adding them in but I’m not going to spend time in fixing up broken mods.

Solutech, RJL, Shineslip, V8K-Blaine, Unicorn0007

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