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Scania S 2016 ComDiversAuto Skin
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Scania S 2016 ComDiversAuto Skin

This mod add a simple skin to Scania S 2016
ComDiversAuto is a Romanian transport company (international) with large park auto (Scania,Mercedes,DAF) and with professional drivers.

– high cabin
– S cabin

Trailer skin to SiSl Megapack.
Thank you!


  • Robertdrn
    2017-12-10 17:06
  • Warning!!!
    2017-12-10 21:02
    Warning Fake Mods!Never download Mods from: @fly5656, @mods_ats, @SlavikSD, @mods80. Always use the original download link. For fake (stolen) mods support can not be guaranteed and the files can be damaged.
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