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Scania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin 1.35
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Scania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin 1.35

Skin for Scania S 2016 Highline JP Vis & Zn tandem with ownable Ekeri trailer skin for lightbox and painted wheels,mods needed for truck :Scania RJL Kast TANDEM Addon and Scania 2016 R/S Kast TANDEM Addon by Siperia/Solutech,Legendary 50k-addons, Extended sunshield by Samuelswe, [Simon.lby Modding] Toplights for Scania R and S,Abasstreppas wheels pack; for trailer : Ekeri trailers by Kast and Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast ,50k legendary addons for Scania R/S….thanks to AddiJ for base mod and also big thanks to DavyBerto for awesome cab skin .You can share this mod on other site but PLEASE USE THE ORIGINAL LINK!


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