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Scania S500 PWT Stessens ETS2 DX11 1.36
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Scania S500 PWT Stessens ETS2 DX11 1.36

Scania S500 PWT Stessens by dutchliner and CCT, updated by Ultrabald for ETS2 1.36 DX11.

Also available add-on white steering wheel for exterior views as a separate download, see mod_description.txt.

Change log :
_Textures and model updated to DX11.
_Driver and wheel set into position, seat position adjusted.
_Cabin accessories.
_Minor adjustements.
_Gamelog clean except few warnings regarding model poly count and texture size.

Known issues :
_Due to the high resolution textures, the truck may take a few seconds to load.

dutchliner, CCT, Ultrabald

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