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Scania Streamline Megapack by Punisher V3
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Scania Streamline Megapack by Punisher V3

This collection contains modifications Scania Streamline:
- The truck is autonomous and can be found only in European dealers (UK interior options are still available).
- All versions of tractors
- All types of chassis
- Supports fully all kinds of painting
- Available all the necessary templates
- Setting Display
- Adaptachiya under patch 1.26
- Support for all DLC
- New lightmask and light texture
- New HD Textures
- New Streamline lateral wings
- New Streamline sidelights
- Longer Chassis 6x4 (6x4 Short body is still available)
- Other minor fixes around the model
- Different textures fixes

Test version 1.26.x - 1.26.4s

Known bugs:
- Topline light box conflicts with R2008 50Keda so if you have activated R2008, it can interfere with this mod if you unplug it will not be a problem. Alternatively, you can remove '50k_lightbox_topline' pmg and pmd from '50k_r_high' of Keda's R2008 folder.
- Template Highline not the best quality.
- There are some errors in the aerodynamics, but they will be corrected in the near future.
This is not the final version of this mod, it will be updated in the near future.

Authors: Punisher, Juli JH, SCS Software, Anaheim and Mr.Poland, Shery0,50keda, Chudy, Pawel

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