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Southern Region v6.5.5 [1.30.x]
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Southern Region v6.5.5 [1.30.x]

"Southern Region" map - visit the South of Russia!
"Southern Region"-a new free project,working to develop a map of the southern Federal District of Russia for "Euro Truck Simulator 2".
This map is perfect for lovers of the Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.

Update to version 6.5.5:
For game version 1.30.x
- Key changes: new and updated cities and roads, support to run the game in DirectX and OpenGL
See the full list of changes:

•Adaptation and technical improvement

-Support game version 1.30
-Game support for DirectX and OpenGL
-Improved performance

•The game world

-Added new locations
-Added roads
-Added new forest roads to the plots
-Reworked a lot of roads with the use of new assets with asphalt HD, Russian road markings
-Added and changed some fork in the road, they are shown to their real world counterparts
-Improved such settlements as Tuapse, Krasnodar, Timashevsk, Novorossiysk, Adler, etc.
-Blocking a dead-end road crosses and arrows replaced
-Other cosmetic changes

•AI Traffic
-More agricultural vehicles on the road, passing farm lands
-Improved rail traffic: trains changed the physics, added a horn and a whistle for locomotives, shunting trains added, increased the diversity of locomotives and cars, reduced frequency of trains.
-Revised the density of traffic on all local roads


Card 2.25 ProMods, RusMap map 1.7.5, paki traffic from Jazzycat. Compatibility with other cards not tested.

For version: 1.30.x
Required DLC: "Going East","Scandinavia","Vive La France"

No reupload!

Part1: http://sharemods.com/9gcqolml7913/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.001.html
Part2: http://sharemods.com/b4g3sgjbu69z/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.002.html
Part3: http://sharemods.com/4rcuhw8rcy9n/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.003.html
Part4: http://sharemods.com/cr7srv92eput/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.004.html
Part5: http://sharemods.com/ba7x1kb4wfxi/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.005.html
Part6: http://sharemods.com/hh9iti3ub9mm/SRmap_v.6.5.5.zip.006.html

If You have no DLC "Vive la France", download and install the fix. ATTENTION! This fix does not provide You access to the territories of France from the Supplement, but only gives the opportunity to play with modifications to require this addition. The location of the fix in the list of active modifications does not matter.


If You have a weak PC, then download and install the fix, it will reduce the range of rendering hi-poly models of vegetation, which will provide a performance increase(higher FPS). In the list of active modifications of this addon needs is ABOVE all connected modifications.


This add-on hides the obstacles of dead-end roads, but leaves them a collision.


The ferry connecting the South of Novorossiysk with Peter and Europe:



SimKA, aidimator

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