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SRmap YKSRSK - Alternative Road v2.3
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SRmap YKSRSK - Alternative Road v2.3

A slightly different look at the road connection SRmap 7.8.0 - YKSRSK 1.6
Full compatibility with Southern Region 7.8.0 and YKSRSK 1.6
Connect to the manager mods above SRmap and YKSRSK!
Revised roadmap option SRmap 7.8.0 - YKSRSK 1.6
Based on a real road
Driving with heavy and not heavy cargo is extremely difficult.
YKSRSK-SRmap_roadconnection_V-2.2 - the forest road has been preserved and partially reworked,
and also added a section of the road to V. Mary - link 1
YKSRSK-SRmap_roadconnection_V-2.1 - a forest area has been added to the road connection option from Arayas
to Dombai - link 2


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