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Steering wheels aminations v1.3 by Indian56
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Steering wheels aminations v1.3 by Indian56

This is an extra animation — for a sense of reality — that moves from the "parking" position
to the "operational" position when the ignition is switched on, and when the engine stops,
it moves the steering wheel from the "operating" position to the "parking" position.
Unfortunately, DAF Euro6 and Iveco Hi-way that have'nt been made yet!


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    File corrupted. Fake again by ultramoddy
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    you are a boring idiot fly5656, go to hell!
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    Архив поврежден или имеет неизвестный формат. Фейк
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    Mod WORKS STOP FILLING BULLSH!T !!!But to INDIAN56 - steering wheel moved up too high and crosses body of the front panel !You must do something with this!( & how did you encrupt this mod cheater ? xD )
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    Yet Another Teenage Wannabe Modder
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