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Taiwan Wastes Recycle Trailers 1.30
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Taiwan Wastes Recycle Trailers 1.30

Hello there
This is Mr. Deli from Taiwan
Early make trailer MOD (version 1.21)
I really like this trailer
But can not be used in version 1.30
(ai trailer will appear, but can not find the trailer in the freight yard)
So I made a little amendment
This MOD is already available in version 1.30
thanks so much
Mr. Deli agreed to let me release the Ministry of Defense
I hope everyone will love it

1.30 version can be used
Trailer weight from the original 5 tons
It has been raised to 15 tons
Shipping costs are restored to the original game settings
The rim has been changed to 50k style
(Note! Use this module. Some scs Trailer wheels will also be replaced)

This trailer is compatible with any trailer package
Does not support advanced coupling

Deli,Kuo.SCS.Pete379jp.Xiao Qunlong

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