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The map of Hungary v0.9.28a [1.27.x]
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The map of Hungary v0.9.28a [1.27.x]

Hungary Map v f 0.9.28 [1.27.x]
- 70 cities, the author plans an expansion to 300 cities
- Lots of updates, models and roads
- New prefabs
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- Removed invisible walls
- Full adaptation for patch 1.27.x
Map offline, you must choose the module hungary.mbd

Updated a v 0.9.28 [1.27.x]:
Card is fully adapted to work with v1.27.x,
- Updated all models to the new format,
- Updated the road network in the old parts of the map,
- The old districts got new models and facilities, road junctions and service areas,
- Removed all the invisible walls and other bugs of the previous version.

Test on version 1.27.x

Frank007, Indian56, Retoucher, Gumikacsa, SCS Software, FLD

  • Alain
    2017-04-14 00:00
    Ne fonctionne pas avec la version steam not work with the steam version
  • Truck
    2017-04-15 04:44
    New links worked:http://sharemods.com/u55unfs598mn/Hungary_MAP_0.9.28a_1.27_Part_1.7z.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/wj8d3fvs3873/Hungary_MAP_0.9.28a_1.27_Part_2.7z.htmlhttp://sharemods.com/l6hp3tolbohy/Hungary_MAP_0.9.28a_1.27_Part_3.7z.html
  • Xxx


    2017-04-15 22:14
    Orginal link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/v130lf288888wkp/HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.28a_1.27.7z
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