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The UK Improvement Project v1.2
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The UK Improvement Project v1.2

1.2 is now released to the public, Thanks to all people who tested the 1.1 version of the map.

Entire M4 Revamped
Temporary speed limits removed in all cleared roadwork areas.
London City Centre Improved
South Wales Overhaul
Felixstowe, Cambridge, Cardiff and Swansea Gateways Revamped
Old Severn Bridge now visible as background.
2nd Severn Crossing Slight Touch.
M5 to M4 Revamp
Entire M11 Revamped.
Harwich now visible on map.
And a secret I’ve added into London when they visit…

All Map DLC’s are required to use.

SCS Software, Forze (Owner), TommyTank (Tester).

  • Forze
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  • Yerrit
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    plz can you update this to the new 1.31 plz, i like what you have done and i would like it again up the new 1.31. thanks
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