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Truck Sim Map v6.4 for 1.25
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Truck Sim Map v6.4 for 1.25

!Important NOTE! Who wants to continue to use the TSM Map needs from the TSM 6.4 necessarily the DLC's East and Scandinavia !!!
! Attention! Who would like to continue using the TSM map 6.4 They needed DLC East and Scandinavia !!!

Changes in version 6.4 compared to the previous version:
anpssung on Game Patch Version 1.25.x
several bugfixes
Converted A7 (A7 / A4 to A7 / A6)

Authors: TSM Team

  • Ldd


    2016-09-11 14:58
    good card but lacks contours to differentiate countries
  • Kikegas
    2016-09-11 21:20
    hello, install it but not like in other versions which could put other maps and combine perfectly in this case I combined with rusmap 1.6.3 and I installed open russian 3.2 goes well, no mistake but if the zoom does not function beyond that, it limits you. I've also tried with turkey map and just have an error in the city of pecs where the road is broken. the Russian map've teamed up with map southregion 6.0 and can not be loaded, you boot, in this case I have previously done and now can not.
  • Ldd


    2016-09-23 18:03
    I understand but it still lacks the limits of the country and I find it unsettling. Would there a way to fix it? Even with the hotfix that makes such
  • Michle
    2016-10-27 13:20
    New link http://sharemods.com/gnvcki21kk6r/Trucksim_Map_6.4.7z.html
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