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Truck Tables v13.09.19 1.35.x
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Truck Tables v13.09.19 1.35.x

Changelog  v13.09.19
Fix but Crash game when i will use the Volvo FH16 2009 under dx11

Mod contains truck tables for DAF XF 105, DAF XF Euro6, Iveco Hiway, Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX, MAN TGX Euro6, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R & Streamline, Scania S & R, Scania 4 series, Volvo FH 2012, Volvo FH 2009, Mercedes Actros MP3, Mercedes Actros MP4

Mod also support Scania RJL, MAN by Madster and Volvo FH 2012 by Ohaha.

Required Cabin Accessories DLC

Available table configurations in actual mod version:

Daf XF 105: short and long table
Daf XF Euro6: short and long table eu and uk versions
Iveco Stralis Hiway: short table
Man TGX: short and long table
Man TGX Euro6: short and long table
Renault Magnum: short and long table
Renault Premium: short and long table eu and uk versions
Scania R & Streamline: short, long and high (with drawer) table
Scania S & R (2016): short table, long table (short with passenger table) eu and uk versions
Scania 4 by RJL: short table eu and uk versions
Volvo FH 2012: long/high (with drawer) table
Volvo FH 2009: short and long table
Iveco Stralis: short and long table
Mercedes Actros MP3: short and long table
Mercedes Actros MP4: short and long table

Racing, update losevo58, fixed mods82

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    2019-09-13 09:57
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    2019-09-13 09:58
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    Mod from 08.09. Upload by гнида и пидор mods_ats
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    2019-09-13 09:59
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    2019-09-13 10:04
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  • Stupid cruise
    2019-09-13 10:16
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    @Reupload Stupid cruise, put the previous mod and try to buy a table for Volvo Classic in DX11 and you will get a crash.
  • Stupid cruise
    2019-09-13 10:19
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    I'm Cruise in community better known as fly5656 the very stupid, the greatest son of a bitch, sick on the head and an envious thief
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    2019-09-13 23:45
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