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Turkish Companies 1.27
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Turkish Companies 1.27

The companies in the game are separated by type; trailers, company center logos and names have been replaced by Turkish Companies in the field. In addition, transport market's logos have been individually designed and modified in Adobe Illustrator.
Trailers are designed similar to the original without resorting to disturbing colors.In this study I designed with the intention of removing the situation that I encountered in Mods and which I am extremely disturbed; you will not have to transport rumen with TOFA┼× trailer. In order not to encounter this situation, the companies of the game have been replaced with big Turkish Companies in their kind.
It is compatible with ProMods, RusMap, Project Balkans, Egypt, R.O.C. & P.R.C Map, Russian Open Spaces and Ai Traffic Pack & Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat modes. Having a good time.
Compatible with 1.27.x game version.

Author: Sinagrit Baba

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