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Ultimate Scania Sound V2
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Ultimate Scania Sound V2

The legendary Ultimate Scania Sound is back better than ever! I made some small changes a while back wich i did not share right away because i had some more plans and not so much time. So now i feel pretty satisfied (even more than before, dah)

This one works only for Scania R V8 because that is the only truck i ever use with mods. I may convert it for Streamline, T-cab and non V8 engines but this is not my priority right now, just to be clear.

So, what is new?
*Converted to the new v2 file structure
*Made a custom def file
*Added some nice engine/exhaust load sounds

There were some other small adjustments made to optimize volume levels, balance and stuff like that. Wich in the end makes a truly awesome and realistic “Ultimate Scania Sound V2″

Hope you enjoy, and dont bother to hate, whine, complain… whatever the case i will probably not care anyways. If you dont like this one there are countless soundmods out there.


  • Vick
    2014-07-18 17:54
    hey i need mods for me new mod site http://letstrymods.com/submit-your-mods/each week i will giveaway a game download code.
  • Sudden strike
    2014-07-18 21:07
    magnifique superbe encore plus de doll merci......................................j adore!
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