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Ural 4320 10 1.31.x
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Ural 4320 10 1.31.x

Ural-4320 is a domestic truck with high throughput serially produced by the Ural Automobile Plant from 1977 to our days, albeit in a somewhat improved form. The truck is constructed on a chassis with a wheel formula of 6 × 6 and has phenomenal patency, which allows to successfully operate it on roads with any coating and in off-road conditions!
Mod includes several modifications of the famous Ural-a, added 5 types of chassis, 10 engines (4 lines, each with its own sounds) and 12 gears with realistic characteristics. There is an external tuning which includes: 2 cranes, 8 body modifications, 8 bumpers, a trunk, a winch, several skins and a set of off-road tires and disks. In addition, the original interior of the salon is of high quality and full animation!
For sale in car showrooms Renault
For the game version: 1.31


  • Fake
    2018-07-19 19:47
    fake there is no update.uploaded a great thief,fakemaker and a complete idiot.Which only loads the replays and steal fashion.
  • James
    2018-07-19 20:12
    Work in 1.31 for me
  • Real download working
    2018-07-19 20:38
  • Lacoste36
    2018-07-19 20:44
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