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Vak V-Slider + Limetec Trailer B-Double 1.31
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Vak V-Slider + Limetec Trailer B-Double 1.31

I’ve been working on a B-double consisting of a VAK V-Slider and a Limetec semi-trailer.
The mod is based on the Limetec V2 By AB 3DSM Customs. If the original author(s) contact me and ask me to remove the mod I will do so.

Advanced Trailer Coupling
Liftable axles (forward most axle)
Steerable axles (rearmost axle)
Skinnable (in a similar fashion as the original Limetec V2 trailer)
143 different cargoes with realistic weights
Compatible with the cargoes from Scandinavia & Vive la France ! DLCs
game version 1.31

LoaderSaints, AB 3DSM, Peerke145,Alang7, Mattias Persson , abasstreppas , Kajilius, seppalaka,, VAK Oy

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    you're a totaly dumbass mods_ats, this is an old mod as everybody can see and nothing had changed since then, stupid bastard only to grab some Cents, piece of shit
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