Farming simulator 2019 mods
Brunzdorf v1.1
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Brunzdorf v1.1

And again a modified standard map.
This has been changed:
- Ready to harvest all fields
- The annoying missions away
- Cow pasture moved to the farm
- Free-range chickens
- Sheep grazing now in the spinning
- Fields are uneven, changed layout
- Almost all superfluous Halls
- Golf Course
- Campsite
- Restaurant no longer selling
- A lot more trees
- Much more grassland
- Increased fruits and raking
- New PDA
- Milk truck new
- Changed a lot of little things
Caution! The Home Fleet was designed very lush and there are already many animals available. Not everyone has the time to work your way up hard on stage.

Giants, HankMoody

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