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Claas Jaguar 870 v0.5 Skin
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Claas Jaguar 870 v0.5 Skin

Moin moin MH,
this is my ertser Skinn one mods. He may be modified only lightweight, but since some users can not I offer it here at the DL.
You will need: Claas Jaguar Pack v2.2 by MB3D modeling.
I wish to also thank him again that he has given me permission to release.
!!! Reupload IS PROHIBITED !!! DO NOT reupload !!!

Urskinn: MB3d modelling
Reskinn: TheDeerePowerHD alias lolliges lol

  • Thedeerepowerhd
    2014-10-06 21:15 Send message
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    I want that you delete my modification from your side or delet the direct download link from your side.
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