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Colorful Store Icons v1.0
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Colorful Store Icons v1.0

Attention! This mod is not intended to give the LS a higher level of fun. It should only be a useful tool for modders sein.Wer under it hoped a new Spitzenmod need not even read further, then you will save you and me a lot of trouble.

Hi there!

Here I have for the modders among you four different colored screens, one in red, one in yellow, one in green and one in blue.
They are intended to simplify the creation of your mods Store icons. The colors that are each held in the highest RGB values, usually come in any mod before, so that the subjects with the screens indemnify simply as background are.
Who can not imagine anything in the description, look at the best pictures.
The screens are placed freely in the game, prices are deliberately kept very low. That the colors "flashy" are, is intentional. This technique is also used for film used, the screens there are usually green or blue. But since many farm equipment are in these same colors are in this pack additional screens in red and yellow.

So, I hope the screens are a few for you a useful feature, anyway, I wish you much fun with it.


It is not allowed, the mod, not even in modified form, upload new.
It is forbidden to reupload this modification, even in altered form to.

Modelle: moddödel
Texturen: moddödel
Ingame: moddödel

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