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Dunghill with bales of crop adoption v1.1 fix
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Dunghill with bales of crop adoption v1.1 fix

Here I present you in advance before a dunghill before, on the you can convert to different fertilizer.

The dung heap will also be included on the Föckelberg 2014 Map and was mainly created for the Jahreszeitenmod to recycle leftover stocks of bales / silage etc. before the new harvest useful.
However, I want you in advance give the possibility to install it in your other maps.

For the function:
You can with the new manure pile so to speak, your remaining stock of straw / hay bales, silage, potatoes, beets, grass, grains can be converted to manure. The bales must first be shredded before they become fertilizer.
The manure can you then remove with a front loader and take your fields.
Have fun with the mod


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