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Fendt 209 Forest Edition v1.32 Forst
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Fendt 209 Forest Edition v1.32 Forst

All new Fendt 209 Forest Edition from ZG Team!
Brand new Fendt 209 with Forest upgrade is here for all you foresters waiting for tractor mod specialized in logging!

Fendt 209 Forest Edition specs:
- All feautures from Fendt 209 included ( http://www.modhoster.de/mods/fendt-209--4 )
- Lots of new cool feautures:
- Ramps mounted on the back and in front of tractor to prevent slippery
- Winch to pull logs (thanks Punica for scipts!)
- Forest cage to protect tractor and driver while logging
- Mountable chains on the wheels
- Lots of additionl lights for night work
- Cabin light
- Dirty, washable textures
- New running sound
- Improved acceleration
- Fixed weight
- Much more to discover!

Mod is compatible with logs found in ImagionLand package ( http://www.modhoster.de/mods/imagionland )
Don't forget to download new patch for ImagionLand PLUS pack ( http://uploaded.net/file/skhxufyk )
For help menu just sit into tractor and press key 9.
Find even more great mods at www.LS-SLO.si

ZG Team, kirezagar, CebuljCek, gregor96, Punica, GeneralX

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