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Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW
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Forest Map v1.6 CHOPPED STRAW

I present to you my latest map . It offers you 2 farm. On a large farm can breed a cow, and a smaller sheep and chickens . You can sell your crops to a large buying . As my map on each machine trade deal with Agroma . As the name says, in the beautiful landscape contains many forests , lake, old wooden windmill etc.

Now I would like to pass some information on what is needed to map work one hundred percent . Gates open for the key , the script uploaded to the map, which does not require any additional modules . I added the script so that we can choose the cultivation of the silo (Super Silo ) . Here begins the stairs . You will have to obtain the superSiloTrigger.zip . The map will also Manure v2 , and this goes manuremod.zip must find themselves in the mods , or manure will not work.

The author of the map is ZeFir . I would like to thank users such as : Rolster ( tests and a video demonstration of the map ) , Mr.Kuba3213 , Bartosz22 and kamilek767 (tests and photos) . I wish you all a pleasant and successful game .
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  • Manuretrailer
    2014-09-01 10:31
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    hi, the liqiud manure trailer (picture 9), can someone give me the link please?
  • Guest
    2014-09-02 08:37
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    How do i install it?
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