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Holmer Terra Dos T2 v1.0
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Holmer Terra Dos T2 v1.0

Holmer Terra Dos beet harvesters are one of the most popular beet machines in world. They are dedicated to medium and bigger farms.
Je?eli znajdziesz b??d w modzie nie wydawaj poprawki! prze?lij mod do mnie w tym celu.
If you gonna find some bugs in mod and fix them, please send mod to me! and not publish it yourself.
Please keep the original download link!

Model - Matinho
Main Script - Burner
InGame - Matinho/Burner/Lechu/Ziuta/Aranea/Silv3r
Icons - Kewin7777
Help/Tests - Lechu, Patryk1634/Kewin7777/Ziuta

  • George
    2014-10-23 13:35 Send message
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    this mod looks great.
  • Anonymous
    2016-03-15 13:34 Send message
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    Isn't this part of Giants Software's Holmer DLC (which is a paid DLC by the way)?
  • Anonymous
    2016-03-15 13:39 Send message
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    Edit: Never mind...this is for FS13, not FS15.
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