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Holzbock Universal Set v1.0
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Holzbock Universal Set v1.0

Moin Moin,

Today there is a universal set wooden support for the hackers from the Forstmod, consisting of:
1x wood tick straight
1x Holzbock Links
1x wooden support law

The various parts can connect with each other. So you can create an arbitrarily long block. They also serve well to support the hacker to a tree or building.
In addition, they can be disassembled for transport and transport front and rear of the tractor.
Here you can also front left / right or back Hitch Left / Right to a better state of a tractor with the angles.
The bucks are "relative" light, but in the whole are very heavy and sag.
Have fun Lumber :)
It is hereby expressly prohibited without me having asked to provide previously on other sites available for downloading, no matter in what form the weight!
It's forbidden to upload this weight on other pages!

Idee und Bau: Schmiddi

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