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Hw 80 SHA GREEN v2.0
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Hw 80 SHA GREEN v2.0

Moin today I imagine you my HW 80 SHA Pach at disposal!

What was done everything !?
* installed completely new chassis
* new animated
* Lighting installed scripts
* new tires
* Installed chocks
* Tire dust when navigate the field
* Installed DrivingParticleSystem
* new store pictures
* installed new fruit varieties
* new Abkipppartikelsystem
* bunch of other stuff

The trailer can now chaff, manure, silage and forage invite!
I would like to warmly thank the Bruse always stood me in active page!
Have fun with it !! : D
Lg Simson locksmith

Simsonschlosser,Bruse,Sven777b,[email protected]@s

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