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Kujawska Dolina v2.2 Forest Mod
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Kujawska Dolina v2.2 Forest Mod

Welcome. I present to you Kujawska Valley Forest Mod v2.2. The map was edited with Kujawska Valley v1.5 FINAL.
The new version has been updated with Forest Mod buying a bale, the possibility of water filling the ponds or hydrants (and not as it was only in one place).
In version 2.1 was rebuilt farm (buildings and silos), no cows of cardboard, rebuilt the sawmill and added space for the tree, fire hydrant with water. Plants do not wither.
In version 2.2
Improved trigger the manure. Manure and urine running at 100% (tested)
Mod lime works scooping Lycha and on the R key 100% (tested)
Have been given new names and logos stocks to.
Fixed field boundaries 98% working properly.
Light cosmetic main road (pojzad no longer slows down in the vicinity of the shop with machines)

Fashion used on the map:
- Mod pigs
- Gateway to the key
- Mod water
- Mod lime, manure, urine v2 (mod GuelleMistMod.zip required)
- Mod weight
- Forest Mod (aForestMod.zip)

On the map there is:
- 1 large farm
- The village (eg church, shop, school, block, playground, etc)
- 3 the buying (Feerum, Distillery, Agricultural Farm)
- biogazowania
- pigsty
- Cows, sheep, chickens
- Traffic, milkmaid, pedestrians, plane, balloon
- Sawmill Forest Mod

Thanks for Marshmallow
Thanks to you (players) for the detection of errors.
Sorry for the errors in earlier versions. I hope that nothing is overlooked.

Authors: Marshmallow, Kukis

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