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More Realistic Game Engine v1.2.1.30
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More Realistic Game Engine v1.2.1.30

- add the "realMowerWorkingSpeedLimit" parameter for "realisticMower" (speed limit in kph)
- apply the correct "literPerSqm" for "non mr combines" too. (especially for "chaff" output where defaut combines multiply the input fruit literPerSqm by the outputFruit literPerSqm)
- no more "warning in the log" trying to get the fill type info of "unknown" when loading a savegame with an autostaker filled
- removed the possibility to set a speed level when the engine is off (by using the manual ignition mod)
- better support for manual ignition (engine outdoor 3d sound)
- "not mr" shovel are no more able to "interact" with bunker silo (for chaff)
- added 2 new parameters to allow disabling the interaction with bunker silo (for chaff) for "mr" shovels : "realShovelEnableUnloadingInFillingStateBunkerSilo" and "realShovelEnableLoadingFromFillingStateBunkerSilo"
- added Czech translation to "mr engine"
- "realBallast" specialization now saves the current mode within the savegame
- added "pig" fill type.
- pda displayed prices are no more the IRL one => "what you see is what you get" now. (like in the base game)
- possibility for map maker to add a "realisticStartSettings.xml" file to their map to define "price balancing" factors. (just copy paste the "realisticStartSettings.xml" from the "moreRealisticGenuineMap.zip" file)
- fix the "reverse sound" playing in T1 transmission mode, when switching to forward direction without moving
- adding support for "carrot" and "onion" fruit type
- added the "self.realReverseDrivingModeEngaged" parameter to "realisticSteerable" class to support "reverse drive mode" on some vehicles (example : fendt, valtra, mb-trac)
- added the "yOffset" attribute to the "vehicle.size" parameter. It allows setting an additionnal y offset when the vehicle is bought so that it doesn't tip over (especially useful for mod that don't have their center pivot point set to the ground plane level in Ginats Editor)
- crop yield is now multiplied by 1.5 when fertilized (same fertilized yield as before, but increased "un-fertilized" yield)
- realBallast specialization now handle "flotation" and "gripfx" change if needed.
- default transmission mode is now T3
- this is now possible to specify a specific "friction factor" in field for each map
- silage price revised (more valuable)
- this now possible to specify a specific silage price multiplier (can be defined for each map)
- combines can feature and display losses (see default grain combines harvesters as example)
- "mixer wagons" now use proper "uncompress ratio" when mixing bales (you don't get the same filllevel anymore, but rather the same "weight"). And so, this is easier to achieve the right proportion using the default balers.
- new specialization = "RealisticEnhancedRoundBaler" => allow different sounds to be played while baling and feature an "auto" mode for opening/closing the door.
- new default vehicle type = "roundBalerEnhanced"
- new aiTurnRadius computation (less miss spot with trailed implements)
- lower default rolling resistance for vehicles
- "realisticTool" now handles "badly" modelled implements (inversed z axis => z axis toward the rear of the implement) => set to "true" vehicle.realInversedZAxis in the xml of the implement
- autostackers now support bales coming from other mods. use a baletype of this form (the same as in the savegame file) : "$moddir$mr_ClaasQuadrant1200/Ballen/strawbaleBalerW.i3d"
- adjusted "windrow" fill type prices. Selling "windrows" (bulk straw, grass) is now more rewarding.
- no need anymore for the "g_currentMission.realMapBaseDirectory = self.baseDirectory;" to load the "realisticStartSettings.xml"
- fix a bug in "overrideFoldable.lua" to stop the hydraulic sound if the vehicle is active but not controlled by the player
- revised grass_windrow price
- fix a bug in "overrideAnimatedVehicle.lua" to stop the hydraulic sound if the vehicle is active but not controlled by the player
- reset the renderText properties in the "realisticSteerable" class to avoid "messing up" text rendering of other mods that don't specify their own parameters
- default "mr engine" price multiplier = 4 in hard mode so that the gameplay is still well balanced in "normal" when playing on "Westbridge Hill" (can be defined for each mod map through the "realisticStartSettings.xml" file)
- hired workers now take into account losses when combining
- milk price and production revised
- cows TMR and straw consumption modified
- implement steering axles now work when attached to the front of the tractor too
- reduced hired worker target speed so that it is now less competitive compared to real players.
- polish translation by Ziuta
- new "realVehicleOnFieldRollingResistanceFx" to allow modder setting a greater difference of rolling resistance between road and field (default value = factor 2). Exemple : can be set to 7-8 for a truck (on road rr = 0.007, in field = 0.055)
- "realisticBallast" now handles hidding part (showind and hidding parts => you can use the "visible" parameter and set it to false. Example : when using the realBallast class to handle row crop, normal wheels and duals => you have to hide the normal wheels when you set the row crop mode)
- default global price balancing = 1 (4 for "WestBridgeHill" or "default Hagensted" or any DLC map)
- no more overriding of the "MowerAreaEvent.runLocally"

Giants : base game highly "moddable"
Dural : "mr engine"

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