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MR Fontaine magnitude 55 beta
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MR Fontaine magnitude 55 beta

Fontaine magnitude 55
Link download instructions,
Download useing the Box with "Datei herunterladen" Right click and download.
I will be Redoing a set of Jeeps to be compatable with this verssion.
More Realistic Mod REQUIRED.
The Fontaine is an expandable trailers with many features. The trailer will be released as a BETA, since he is not multiplayer enabled.
Be sure to watch the video (tutorial to the trailer).
The Fontaine magnitude 55 is on extendible low boy trailer with lots of functions.
The trailer is released as a BETA, because its not MP-ready.
Make sure you watch the video (tutorial for the trailer).

• Poly count: 57389• This mod is just a BETA. Therefore, errors can occur.
No multi player capability! / / Only this mod is a BETA. Errors may occur.
• fully animated / / fully animated
• all functions of the vehicle as well as on the trailer can be operated / / all functions can be used from the inside of your vehicle or external at the trailer itself
• and much more. / / and much more

• Model: Xentro
• Texture: Xentro, Katsuo
• In-game: Xentro
• Script: Xentro, PES 4ever

  • Joel
    2014-01-27 02:56
    Como puedo bajar los juegos
  • Wadeeb
    2014-01-31 18:20
    Beautiful trailer. Very accurate and realistic. Finally I have found a real working low loader trailer for Farm sim 2013. Thank you for this mod. I used to drive trucks so really appreciate a trailer that is realistic.Quick question, I followed the video and have successfully used the trailer but cannot seem to adust the ride height. what stage does the trailer have to be in to do this ?
  • Ryan
    2014-02-11 20:32
    Everytime i try to purchase this on the game it says remove items from lot lot is full? Help!
  • Jake
    2014-02-13 08:08
    I have the same problem it says I have to remove items form the lot but there isn't any there. What can I do to fix this?
  • Someone
    2014-02-15 02:33
    i cant purchase it it says remove purchased items
  • Greg
    2014-02-17 19:38
    i cant purchase the trailer because it says remove purchased items
  • Lifetech
    2014-02-20 20:20
    Can anyone tell me why the mod does not work if I buy it I can see the dan the dealer is full. please answer
  • Thomas
    2014-02-21 17:47
    how do you get these mods in you game
  • Pilotj1999
    2014-02-22 22:24
    I have the same problem. I put the zip file into the Farming simulator mods folder. I also then downloaded the 4 zip files for more realistic. I was REALLY hoping to use this trailer.
  • Pilotj1999
    2014-02-23 16:58
    On a different note, what truck did you use in the video and where do you get it?
  • Joe


    2014-02-25 23:58
    1 problem to fix is in file magnitude.xml change in line 2magnitude to trailer this fix this problemthen you see the trailer but the goosneck lies on the ground and doesnt workwhy i dont know
  • Mike
    2014-02-27 03:07
    to pilot you must unzip the file before placing it in your mods folder
  • Pilotj1999
    2014-02-27 05:45
    How would you unzip it? Do you just extract everything and put it in a folder or what?
  • Cole
    2014-03-01 22:30
    Everytime i try to purchase this on the game it says remove items from lot lot is full? can anyone help??
  • Pilotj1999
    2014-03-02 03:56
    Cole:Look above at Joe's comment that will remove that message but then there is one more problem with the hitch lying on the ground.
  • Bearcat459
    2014-03-07 23:55
    the ones that say u cant get it in game its a more realistic mod u need more realistic for it to work tahts is wat mr means u can get more realistic here http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/32321
  • Devonte3062
    2014-03-12 19:54
    This mod requires the more realistic mod. If you do not have the more realistic mod installed it won't spawn in the game, hence "no more room"
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