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Mr WesternStar
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Mr WesternStar

Description: R&R brings you guys our one of our newest mods the Western Star Lowmax, Cat 3406 495HP 9 speed Eaton Fuler, and many accessory lights
Some of our new features include:
-ESLimiter (I removed this as no longer needed with more realistic)
-BJR_ManualIgnition ( I removed this as no longer needed with more realistic)
-shift with mouse left = up middle = nutral right= down
more realistic specialization added by myself (Buhler)
permission obtained from Rocketman to add mr and post
I take no credit for the mod.
there is a large list of mr mods at fs uk look for the section dedicated to mr

R&R Modding
Dural (for the making and time spent teaching more realistic)

  • Eric
    2014-01-25 23:29 Send message
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    when i try to purchase this mod in game it says there is no room in store remove purchased items but there is nothing in the lot
  • Hunt5
    2014-01-31 20:24 Send message
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    I am having the same problem as ERIC. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Ihman97
    2014-02-04 04:00 Send message
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    i think i may have found a fix i think you have to download a special mod im trying it now
  • Ihman97
    2014-02-04 04:38 Send message
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    go to this link and download it extract the mod and go into the folder and out everything but the tractors into your mod folder i just did it an it worked great
  • Steve
    2014-02-06 07:05 Send message
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    how do you shift in to reverse
  • To steve
    2014-02-06 13:01 Send message
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    Click Mouse.
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