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New Holland TF 78 Hang Drescher v1.0
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New Holland TF 78 Hang Drescher v1.0

New Holland TF 78 built in 2002 with some features.
I know that it is not so in the real, who does not want him or need him must not download yes. ;)

Dig -Hinterachse (DIY)
-Drescher Completely raise and lower (KP7 and KP8 not in the help box the rest already)
-Hangausgleich In cutting
-Pendelachse Back
-Zwillinge Front faded
-Terrabreifung Faded
Chains front faded
-Schutzbügel (DIY) front fades out when a cutter is off
-all reapers with draw animations
-a 6.5 and 7.5m Schneiderk
-Maisgebiss (Also sunflower-loading animation)
Tacho and tachometer
-and- many small details

No error but no other way: when the rear axle is not excavated, so in normal mode threshing, "float" the reapers something hovering above the ground. If one is so makes the distance beautiful, but are in slope mode the reapers press on the floor and looks completely stupid.
Have fun with the thresher.
LG Thomas
you can upload the Drescher on your side, but only using the original download links. Conversion and re-uploading without clearances are not allowed.
Support only ForbiddenMods.de

SFM, Sven777b, Joxxer, Modelleicher, Alex2009, BJR, Desperados93, Hummel, Tobias F. (John Deere 6930), fruktor, Kreters Island, Lordtex und Ifkonator

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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2exMdXzle7w
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