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NoName Map v2.0 fix
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NoName Map v2.0 fix

Hi folks here the long-awaited NoName Map of Agi me ;)
I also still recommend the alternative Tipping Mod!
If enough Fails exist. What I hope not: D. there will be a v2!
Aja at court No. 1 must man the grain into the hall the man tilt the silos filled the stand at court. Zb:. To feed. Or simply to grain storage.

Required Mods:
MapDoorTrigger: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mapdoortrigger--10
Manure / dung Mod: http://www.file-upload.net/download-8950043/GuelleMistMod.zip.html

Lg Agi your

Danke an alle Modder deren Objekte ich verbaut habe.
pfreek, takerls, Agi, imarvin, Dome vom LU Kaufmann für einige umtexturiert Objekte, und an DaDene für die Silorollen.
JauchenPaule für den Mobilfunkmast, kompressor usw.. Fendtfan1 (chris), axe diamend für seine stall textur, steffenmuc für den tretmiststall, giants software, eifok,4ndi, lagacy,

  • Lil


    2014-06-05 19:26
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    ou on la télécharge la map
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 22:04
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    Amazing map .... 5 star all the way.The attention to detail is mind blowing!Of all the maps I've tested on and played .... this one gives off a realistic vibe that is really unmatched.Excellent work =)
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