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Ponsse Scorpion with downhill v0.9 beta
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Ponsse Scorpion with downhill v0.9 beta

who has followed my WIPs lately, knows what that was for a spectacle.
Here's the Ponsse as announced with HSP 035 gripper. A Fälleragregat is not made, since the scripte missing for the saw. Who is better looking, can build an aggregate.
In addition, a Mack is on who has grown a hydraulic steering dolly, so that you can infinitely adjust it to the length delimbed of completely zelegten trees to long timber.
A Unimog for reconnaissance of Hächsel where spans a load securing net after complete loading.
That with the aggregate'm really sorry, but the script did not let installing itself.
Now have fun and see you in LS15


  • Soeren
    2014-10-18 13:28
  • Jeff
    2014-10-18 18:33
    doesnt work
  • John
    2014-10-18 18:40
    it works great i love all of your mods i thing this is the best i have ever seen but please try to get the saw part to work on it :)
  • Guest
    2014-10-18 19:07
    what are you talking about a saw there was no saw in this mod the only mod it was the grapple attachment. awesome mods love it
  • Girts
    2014-10-18 21:47
    doesnt work :(
  • Dave
    2014-10-19 02:50
    works great. you got the stabilizer right very nice. wish i could find a harvester head.
  • Bailey9559
    2014-10-20 04:11
    it doesnt work can you fix it :)
  • Coonhunter
    2014-10-21 17:06
    Can u build a tobacco mod wit barns and primers and tobacco and can u build a case ih cotton picker and kbh module builder an boll buggy
  • Farmer_seppe
    2014-10-21 20:37
    Doesn't work :(
  • Dave
    2014-10-22 00:15
    the saw script doesn't work cuz of the fall action. the side the saw is on is the direction the tree falls. i tried to change it, but it won't change.
  • Randall jordan
    2014-10-24 01:46
    I was wondering when we will see the harvester head for this machine.
  • Guest
    2014-10-26 00:24
    won't let me get it says i have no more room even when i had no other vhiecls
  • Guest
    2014-10-29 23:39
    how have you made more then half of these mods
  • Guest
    2014-10-30 06:14
    bullshit is right
  • Manuel
    2015-11-28 16:56
    que buen mod cortas arvoles a cada segundo y le quitas las ramas
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