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Rabe plow factory set v3.0 4 Schar
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Rabe plow factory set v3.0 4 Schar

Here we have schlueterfan1977 and panic Racker a Rabe Werk plow for you to download.
This must be unpacked
It contained two plows
A version that has been adapted to fit the exactly to our Schlütern.
A version that was adapted they with the standart vehicles
is or with tugs without plow mod to play.
The plow has labor and transport mode and has a feeder animation.
Have fun with the mods wishes you schlueterfan1977 and panic Racker

Modelle: schlueterfan1977;PanikRacker(Diverse Teile)
Texturen: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977

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