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Rabonowo By KujawskaMafiaDM
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Rabonowo By KujawskaMafiaDM

I present to you my first (released) MAPK Rabonowo. Map is the Just Beautiful. I'm sorry that map so much it weighs. In the following maps is about to change. Feel free to download. really worth

Author: KujawskaMafiaDM

Map features:
- 1 Multifunctional farm.
- Manure v2
- Lime Loaded Tur.
- Feeding Cows in the barn.
- The best Textury Cereals and Terrain.
- Gas Fuel Orlen.
- Shop with Maciej and Agroma.
- Lake.
- Fluffy straw and hay.
- Super Silo
- Focus Cereals
- Church and Antene T-Mobile
- Zero Errors in the log.
- Map of Ideal Under Polish Machine.
- And many others.

File size: 345.8 MB


  • Daftbrit
    2014-10-18 05:56
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    A comedy of errors! Zip contains 250 Mb of unneccessary files hence lo-ong download. Pigshed, animal husbandry items and default vehicles are outside the playing area. Too many trees so prepare to harvest in the shadows. Sell-point returns goods into your storage. Don't download this!
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