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Real Textures Pack v1.0
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Real Textures Pack v1.0

Finally, may I introduce you to my realistic textures. I call, therefore, so, as there are original recordings of the fruit. They act in the game very realistic.

The package includes:

Fruit textures:

- Wheat (with straw swath)

- Barley (with straw swath)

- Rape

- Corn

- Grass (with grass and Heuschwad)

Ground textures:

- Rock

- Stone Paving

- Asphalt

- Gravel

- Dirt

- Grass

- Forest floor

- Sandy

Soil texture:

- Plough

- Cultivators

- Seeds

- Pile

Slurry and manure mod texture:

- Slurry

- Mist

A readme is included in German and English. It describes how to change the fruit height etc..

If questions or problems arise, please log on PN.

Reviews are of course welcome.

Have fun! LwFarming.


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