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Rendsburg Valley v1.0
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Rendsburg Valley v1.0

Welcome to the district of Rendsburg.

Welcome in Rendsburg-Eckernförde circle. The villages Rendsburg and Eckernfoerde lie in the beautiful Schleswig Holstein.Zusammen form the two villages of the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde. Between these two villages are not even more than 5 Kilometer.Zwischen green meadows and mountain terrain run small but excellent drainage ditches which may occur in the spring sometimes on the shore.

Do you run a Rural Unternehemn that covers almost all areas of agriculture! Of cattle and sheep farming, management of biogas plants to the management of agricultural land used by them. On the edge of the circle, a biogas plant is being fed daily with fresh silage will.Dafür it provides energy for the environment with which they erziehlen your sales depending on the quantity.

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