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Sheep Haven Bay (Carrigart Town V2)
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Sheep Haven Bay (Carrigart Town V2)

This here is 'Sheep Haven Bay.' A fictional map, with various preferences to areas surrounding my own. This map is also as I stated a version two of my previous map 'Carrigart Town.'

The map is spread over a large area resulting in around fifty-five fields and over two hundred odd acres. The fields are various sizes mixed from small to large through out the map. Most of the fields are grass, with a seeded texture underneath to save you the trouble of plowing all the ground again also enhancing the the grass texture after being cut.

There are four main yards throughout the map. Two on the Carrigart Town region and the other in the Dunfanaghy Town region. Each yard has its own attributes. One for mainly cows, second for sheep, third for grain storage and fourth for potatoes and beet storage. Each yard is also supplied with all the basic extras you need, eg. fuel, seeds, fertilizer.

The two towns on Sheep Haven Bay are Dunfanaghy Town and Carrigart Town. Carrigart is the main one in use, with the shop grain sell points and various other stuff is situated. Dunfanaghy a bit more stationary but both of them each have their own fuel points and seed/fertilizer points as well.

That should be all you need to know to keep you active for now. If you have any questions in relation to the map, feel free to PM me or just post in the support topic.


Ni Modding
Fs-uk Mod Team

Eire Agri

If I have missed anyone in these credits, let me know and I shall edit it.

  • James_7711
    2015-12-17 21:34
    is it for fs 15 ??????
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