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Slurry Agitator
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Slurry Agitator

This mod serves no "real" purpose in the game. However, you can back it into a slurry pit with a tractor with manual ignition and you can leave the cab of the tractor, with the agitator turned on and the agitator will continue to run.

In real life these are used to agitate or, stir up, liquidmanure that is stored in a lagoon or a pit. Liquidmanure sets in a lagoon, a pit, or a slurry tank and overtime it hardens and in order to haul it in slurry tanks it needs to be in its liquid form. The agitator mixes up the liquidmanure to liquify it so it can be sucked into a liquidmanure tank. Agitators are most commonly used while pumping manure out of the lagoon.

Any tractor can operate the agitator, no HP requirement.

The Agitator_13 zip file goes into your mods folder.



  • Matt
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    what map can i use this on? i actually use these for a living and would love to use them in game
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