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Spline Street Constructor v1.51
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Spline Street Constructor v1.51

First i want to apologize for the trouble caused by the program

Ther was a counting error which lead to wrong calculations for long streets, which was compensated somehow by GE 64 bit, but not by GE 32 bit.

Hello MH community,

the SplineStreetConstructor as a development of StreetConstructor has come ripe, that it can be tested. So you can create routes on the basis of markers on the map. These markers are associated with the program on cubic polynomials to roads. The functions are described in the accompanying manual (PDF).
Since there are still some improvement ideas, here only once as beta version.

The parameters can be saved in. INI files. To try out I have attached an INI-file and its own road textures. The INI files are fitted to the data of the StreetConstructors; the StreetConstructor-INIs can be read.

Unzip the Arciv and store it somewhere on your computer. In the mods folder it has no function, because it is a program and not a mod.


SplineStreetConstructor_1.22.exe                program
Anleitung_SplineStreetConstructor_1.2.pdf    manual (sorry, german only)

Strasse.ini                                         sample inifile to try
Strasse_Kuhhof3b_Source.i3d              example file for generating shapes
Strasse_Kuhhof3b_Source.i3d.shapes   shapes to
Strasse_Kuhhof3b.i3d                         example file generated for road

Road_51.dds: Road texture with lines page
verge_diffuse.dds: Roadside

Enjoy folders.


Eigener Mod

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