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Upk BGA v1
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upk BGA v1

Here i have a better BGA for your Farm :) , this BGA produce Money and Fertilizer for you ;) .  The Gasoline you must fill up before you can it refuel.
Required is the last Universalprocesskit Mod in your Mod Directory. You can this Download from here: https://github.com/mor2000/UniversalProcessKit.

The BGA requires more liquidManure - not produce liquidManure ;) , BGA produce Fertilizer ;) 

Idea, Skinn,Gametesting: thoralf2002, Model of Silos: Unkown, Model Container and Fermenter: Manuel

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    Money per Day: 72025 LS €/$ // Fertilizer: 128000L per Day /// income Time is 0:00 Hour from Day - This is a working Beta - has small Bugs (Door opens to wrong direction) and the scaler from input not work (silage, corns, manure etc.) - I do this a little better in the next time.
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