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Xerion SaddleTrac v1.0
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Xerion SaddleTrac v1.0

Here is a black / white edition of the Claas Xerion 3800 Saddletrac
Caterpillar 6-cylinder, turbo
kW / HP at revolutions / min 285/388 at 1800
Permanent four-wheel, three different steering modes
Price: 146490
Maintenance: 25 €

And as always:
This mod is built according to my ideas, it is not forced to download.
Who the mod does not fit just play with something else and leaves no pointless comments.
Meaningful criticism and suggestions are welcome.

The mod may be published on other sites just below the original link at uploaded.net
The mod 'may be published on other sites as long as only the ORIGINAL LINK at uploaded.net will be used!


  • Taylor
    2014-02-05 05:20 Send message
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    The tractor only turns to the left cant get it go right
  • Louis
    2014-02-10 07:41 Send message
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    Having the same problem, with ALL Xerion Saddletracs. Can only turn to the left in any steering mode. In crab mode, the tractor crabs to the left with the A key, and then pivot-turns left with the D key. Probably a problem with the steering script shared across different versions of this tractor, because the problem duplicates identically across every version from every author I've tried.
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