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Zimna wodka v7
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Zimna wodka v7

Introduce the map Cold vodka v7
This is a continuation of the map ZW v6.1 / 6.5 by Maciey.

Map compared to the original underwent a series of profound changes while maintaining the mountainous climate, completely redesigned and expanded farm village with skupami, was added a couple of new fields and already The existing have been improved.

What's the map:
-Ciekawy Mountainous terrain with difficult access roads to the fields.
-Wioska With various buildings, a church, a shop, not playable farms, purchase of cereals.
-Mleczarnia, A milk arrives at the farm to get milk.
-obornikv2 (works if you have uploaded more realistic)
-sprzeda┼╝ straw next to the barn
-mode lime (works if you have uploaded more realistic)
-karmienie, turn down the cows in the barn
Realistic ground textures, grains, etc.
-chlewnia and buying pigs
-wrota in all buildings open to the key, the door opened automatically
-niewielki traffic, pedestrians
More you'll see in the game. Feel free to play.

Map of the action requires a minimum 2.0 patch, you should play with the mod more realistic, without it also can play in August but they will now appear textures manure and lime on a field.

Note map has a small error
Manure in the barns is not growing now they can not push it to a disc, the error is caused by a bad setting triggers, I do not have time to repair it so if someone wants to can edit and publish the map but I reserve the then must give me and Maciey as authors the map.

Open the downloaded archive WinRAR to extract the entire contents of mods.

NOTE CHANGES outright prohibiting the link!!!
Respect my work! Keep the original link!
Prohibition of inserting the map on rapideo.pl and similar sites!
You can be on other forums that if you copy the entire message.

The main author of the ZW-Maciey, the author maps ZWv7-Takezo.
Thanks to all the people from all forums dedicated ls in Poland, for signup models and guidance, I would not exchanged individuals here simply because there are too many.
Special thanks to testers and people who helped me: Seba2123, Fooler.

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