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200+ KMH T8435 Tractor v1.1
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200+ KMH T8435 Tractor v1.1

This is tested working do not download v1.0 it's broken.

This was an experiment to put some smiles on my son's face and it worked. It's just for some Christmas fun although he is busy digging out a 2 lane drag strip on his map to race his mates. Don't Expect this to Handle around corners. It Drifts, It jumps miles, it takes miles to come to a stop. We have founds that  it's better to put heavy weights front and rear before starting out on the roads.

Have fun and sorry for the bad V1.0.

Original by Giants, mod by Stevie.

  • Dragan
    2014-12-16 23:31
    V 1.0 no bad but repak zip T8435---ohne 200+ KMH T8435 nur T8435 --bei mir tip-top
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