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2015 Chevy 2500 update v2.1
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2015 Chevy 2500 update v2.1

It's my truck King farms truck keep it on Modhub or just message me to to put on other mod sites  
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King Farms

  • Josh
    2016-08-11 21:42
    its showing up white not black
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-08-11 23:34
    ok I'll fix that @JOSH
  • Dandy modding
    2016-08-12 05:04
    what is different?
  • Name
    2016-08-13 19:49
    BEUTIFUL TRUCK!!! wish I could afford one in real life!
  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-14 06:39
    yup it showed up all white for me too, kinda bummed out it did as it looks like a nice truck too.
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-08-14 06:49
    @ZZZZZ I'm working on updating it
  • T1m t3k gaming
    2016-08-15 05:44
    can i do a review on my channel https://www.youtube.com/c/timtekgaming
  • Name
    2016-08-16 03:22
  • Ccgames
    2016-08-17 00:27
    The truck did show up white but the window tint was red also....
  • Buckshot24
    2016-08-24 11:00
    ok it comes out white in my game how do i fix it?
  • Neal74
    2016-09-01 00:01
    i think your Truck is Sick!! Neal from South Dakota
  • Matt
    2016-09-04 07:08
    did you fix it yet?? I really want this truck
  • Thatchevylife
    2016-09-18 02:04
    did you fix it yet???? i want this truck but i want it to look like a truck not a mess. please fix it
  • Bearkid
    2016-09-19 03:53
    its all white
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-09-25 05:51
    ok everyone go to my youtube link there is the updated truck there
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-27 01:07
    sweet tuck its working in my game now rather perfectly, i got it from your link on your YouTube channel.
  • Smalltimefarmer
    2016-10-30 23:19
    Hey could you upload this to the official Farming Simulator ModHub and also convert it to FS17?? If not could I convert it and upload it?
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