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384 Petbilt Dump Bed Tri axle  V2
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384 Petbilt Dump Bed Tri axle V2

This Is My Final Realease Of The Peterbilt Dump Tri axle It Now Has A Working 3rd lift Axle My First looks version Was Stolen Before I Could Get The Working Unit uploaded So Im Doing The Same I Have Put Truck Back Like I Had It with some adjustments to fix issue with axle And Releasing The Good Version Of It oh and unlike the V5 that was released by the thief there is no light added to the mod so nighttime wont look like stadium lights are on all night on the whole map if you own the mod
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  • Anpaes
    2015-06-28 16:40 Send message
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    THAWK09I want to clarify that although the mod is always free and will be my mod and therefore I can modify veses as much as you breathe and do not want to ask for permission or change and then it refuses to change is more so with respetoso copyrightanpaes
  • Thawk09
    2015-06-30 22:13 Send message
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    I Know Peterbilt Was Misspelled In Heading My Keyboard Was Going Dead And Did not catch it in time ANPAES Go Fly A kite In A Thunderstorm
  • Jason
    2015-07-28 08:15 Send message
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    why are you fighting over a shitty mod that crashes game
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