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Fields Of Green REPLAY v1.0
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Fields Of Green REPLAY v1.0

I made a lot of changes to the map, There are no fattening barns in this version just the standard cows, sheep,and chickens.
Standard crops plus soybeans. You will need the AnimationMap mod and chopped straw mod and multifruit mod. This is a map pack so you need to unpack and put all mods in your mods folder if you don't already have them? Look at pictures posted for the map if you need help? I'll try and post as many as I can to show how things work. Have Fun!

Giants And All the modders for there good mods, Farmboy002 for the layout of the map.
Look in the modDesc of the mod to see the Author of the mod.

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    2020-05-12 14:38
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