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American Farmland v0.4
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American Farmland v0.4

Here is a map (version 0.4) is the American style.
Fields are large and larger.

Field 1 HA 24.64
Field 2 14.91 HA
Field 3 18.46 HA
Field 4 13.76 HA
Field 5 22.49 HA
Field 6 15,20 HA
Field 7 14.29 HA
Section 8 29.65 HA
Field 9 15.31 HA
Field 10 6.60 HA
Field 11 6.35 HA
Field 12 9.54 HA
Field 13 3.12 HA
Field 14 5.17 HA
Field 15 16.58 HA
Field 16 24.81 HA
All fields together equal 240.88 HA

So I recommend courseplay 4:01 thereby creating one all fields in the single play.
Furthermore, I recommend the Mod MilkTruckTrigger V 2.0 of Marhu

Unloading there the standards.
Missions are included.
Watermod built, installed feed stores.
Fruit varieties even standards.
Forest area also but must first be planted that are already looted
PDA is not yet fully adapted (I'm still learning)
Traffic also rolls.

Animated animals installed
Sugar factory installed (El Cid)
So now a lot of fun with it
Oh the cattle stuff there too.
Since graciously my first map is the I publish.
Here you can even look what's new http://luculus.de.tl  
In other hosters only with original download link.

Map by Luculus
und viele deren Mods ich verbaut habe
kommt noch eine komplette Liste

  • Jason
    2015-06-07 04:11
    2 errors on map no good
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-07-31 20:43
    Can you add the beef, pig, & chicken fatting to this map?
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